Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sequential Compression Devices (SCD's)

Ahh SCD's. You beautiful little things, you. While at the hospital they had my legs in SCD's (leg squeezers) and I was elated. I haven't had that much lack of pain in a very long time so when I had an appointment with my pain doctor about 2 weeks after surgery I mentioned this revelation to her. She said that our lovely friend EDS makes my veins stretchier than the average vein making it difficult for the blood to pump how it should. So all that pain and my icicle of feet are tied together in one mess of an EDS bundle. Now you'd think there would be a simple solution here - get SCD's for home! Well, the doctor told me to call the insurance company. The insurance company told me to call the medical supply company. The company told me that I have to have one of two diagnosis to qualify for insurance to pay - now they are calling my doctor to try to get that diagnosis... or figure out what else to do. Typically I would try to find a way to shell out the dough and just get it myself but they are so expensive! I tried asking for some exercises or an alternative solution that wouldn't require more specialty medical equipment but that was a bust.
By the way, did I mention how sexy SCD's are? hahaha : ) I chose that picture 1. to show you all what I'm talking about 2. because I find it hilarious that she's flirting with her eyes while wearing them.

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